Taiyo Grow Fish Food 100gm

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1. Specialist Fish Food Never  Clouds the Water

2. For All Tropical Fish and Koi Fish


TAIYO Fish Food Pouch - 100 gm The Tayio food pouch is perfect food for all tropical fishes in your aquarium bowl or in a tank. This food is extremely beneficial for all gold fishes. It helps them to maintain their color and shape. The food is in the form of small balls and is fortified with all the necessary vitamins that facilitate growth in your fishes. The 100 gm pouch is priced conveniently. The Tayio fish food in 100gms is an extremely high nutritious feed for all your gold fishes. They help in growth acceleration. The products contains natural ingredients that stimulates the appetite of all gold fishes, which in turns helps them grow and maintain their attractive natural color. The addition of spirulina to the product ensures that it maintains the fishes maintain their lustrous skin. The food is packed in hygienic plant and is free from all toxins. It does not contaminate the water in any way is very safe to use in any kind of aquarium. FEATURES Good for all tropical fishes Maintains color and shape of gold fishes Fortified with all vitamins Added spirulina to maintain color Does not contaminate the water SPECIFICATIONS Weight - 100 gm Form - Pellet Suitable for - Tropical fishes