Petco Bangladesh already well establish and renowned company on pet Animal product in Bangladesh. This company was founded in 1996. We are professionally working on Export, Import and supply related business. This company has well market coverage along with world class product and also having good communication with customer.
We already participating and working in the local market on International branded product like 1. Royal Camine, 2. Pedigree 3. Whiskas 4. Nestle (Alpo & Friskies) also 5. Me o Cat Food 6. Pet Accessories 7.Pet medicine.
We have well market plan to reach our product in every corner in Bangladesh to our user hand by online, physical communication and well channel of distribution within short time on upon customer demand.
We have good market knowledge and working professional experience team in the regular market. Our Motto is to distribute world class standard product, provide standard service and care customer satisfaction.
We are always ready in the market to keep our commitment to fulfill customer demand. We make ensure our world class branded product will be always in the market in every corner round the year.
We believe our success is to keep and continue product available in the market. We know, your need is product demand and our duty is to supply. We make change every time from every corner in the world. Our service is to provide working together in the pet animal world. Today pet animal changes in Bangladesh are happened in causes of us. We are the real introducer and changing every time in new feed and dryer in pet animal side, our focus is to change and bring new one in pet animal side in Bangladesh.